Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Giftmas!

It's my first christmas away from family... we recently moved to Austin, TX from Louisville, KY and I couldn't afford the plane trip home, not to mention I would have felt awful leaving Dr. Boyfriend all alone. Brother is sending me phone pics of Christmas dinner, informing me that 'my seat has been taken by biscuits.' ha! I didn't think I would feel so lost about not being home, but I'm realizing how much I always look forward to it! The house always smells good, there are mimosas and snow and awesome christmas tv.

But all is not lost! We have a few presents to open here in the morning, and a potluck dinner with some friends/coworkers later on. Although I don't think there were any assigned dishes, so it could very well end up being a table full of cookies and macaroni... what's wrong with that?! Have a lovely Giftmas!

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